Cantine Provima since 1932

The fruit of centuries of viticulture throughout our territory with Picentes origins, the PRO.VI.MA. (Viticultural Producers in Matelica) cellar is the oldest in the upper Vallesina area, in operation for over 80 years. Our origins lie in the histories of the farming families of Matelica who, generation after generation, having bestowed dedication and passion to the cultivation of grapes.

1932: The year Pro.Vi.Ma. was established, rendering it the oldest winery in Matelica.
1978: The creation of the actual cooperative, with its 10 founding members electing as first President, unusually for the time, Ms Giovanna Censi Mancia, a well-known winemaker from Matelica.
2016: Today, the cooperative boasts 180 members and operates a vineyard area of 100 hectares and whose president is still a woman, Ms. Sabrina Orlandi.

The cellar, a reference point for growers in Matelica, retains its original features, with a “trussed” roof, oak barrels, concrete tanks and stainless steel vats, offering an almost perfect synthesis between tradition and innovation.

For its own brand identity, Pro.Vi.Ma. has turned to the selection of one of the most significant findings in the Matelica territory, “Matelica’s Globe”, an archaeological find of great interest (being a sort of ancient sundial), to emphasise the great civilisations that characterise this territory.

How was time measured in the past? How was the changing of the seasons calculated? The city of Matelica possesses a unique instrument. Beautiful and perfectly intact, it allows us to understand how time was measured in the past. It does not, however, explain why this object was found specifically in Matelica.

Matelica’s Globe is not much more than an almost-perfect marble sphere, being quite large in size, with a diameter of approximately 29 cm.

This sphere is characterised by a series of incised intersecting lines. Basically, placed outdoors on a special pedestal with the incised façade facing north, the shadow lines created by exposure to sunlight indicate the current season and constellations.

The globe functions with the latitude of the city, even if the marble from which it was made comes from Greece. It is precisely in Greece, and more specifically in Nafplio, that the other version of such a globe exists. What is not clear is how such an object with Greek origins arrived in Matelica.

Matelica’s Globe was found in 1985 during redevelopment works of the Palazzo Pretorio. It is currently held within the Archaeological Civic Museum that houses interesting exhibits and majestic Roman mosaics.